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The average lifespan of a greyhound is 12 or more years.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Fostering - We are always in need of volunteer foster homes. Having previously owned a greyhound is not a requirement, but it is helpful. What a great way to give back to the greyhound rescue effort, by helping another hound prepare for their forever home. As a greyhound foster family you recieve a greyhound on loan to love and care for until that dog's appropriate home is found and he has learned about his new life as a pet. It may require you to help teach your foster how to navigate stairs, teach him/her about glass doors and windows, protecting them from injury in the process. Both of these things as well as many other things are new to a racer right off the track. Typically retired racers are crate trained and only require a little fine tuning to become house trained. The hardest part of fostering is saying so long when the time comes for him/her to go to their forever home. As a foster family you would recieve the appropriate on the job training and we will always be available to answer any questions or concerns. The foster period can last anywhere from a week or 2 to a month or more. Depending on the availability of appropriate adoptive homes and each individual dog's need.

  • Volunteering Time, Resources, Referrals:
    • Help at Meet & Greet events is always welcome. Come hang out with us and show off these very special canines.
    • Do you have a special talent or hobby? Maybe you're an artist and would enjoy painting a picture to be auctioned off at an event, or sold on e-bay as a fundraiser.
    • Maybe you love to sew, or knit. Maybe you enjoy making crafts that could be sold, raffled or auctioned to help us raise money to cover vet expenses. Maybe you'd like to sew a coat to donate to a florida foster dog who finds themselves in upstate NY in the winter.
    • Maybe you enjoy research and could do some internet research that would be beneficial to our organization. Are you good at filling out forms and good with details? There are grants available to greyhound rescue groups, they just need to be applied for.
    • Are you an accountant? Maybe you could help with our bookkeeping duties.
    • Are you especially good with people? Maybe you would enjoy fundraising or recruiting sponsers.
    • Do you have a vehicle that can transport several large sized dogs? Maybe you'd enjoy helping transport dogs on the last leg of their journey here to their foster homes. Or help bathe them once they get here.
If you want to help the cause in some way there are always venues in which you can make a difference. Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers, without which we could accomplish nothing. With them we can accomplish anything!
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