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In England at one time, it was forbidden for 'commoners' to even own a greyhound.

The Story of Kieper and Scott.

Kieper came to me as a foster on a bitter cold day in January. He arrived in CNY on a flight from Florida, which had been canceled several times due to the bitter cold temps. I was working that day and so picked him up at the home of another foster family who had cared for him for a few hours before I got out from work. As it happens he was outside for a potty trip when I arrived. As I snuck in the gate he bounded towards me as if I was a long lost best friend! What a greeting! I fell in love with him at that moment. He was the happiest dog I had ever met, and very handsome too. To this day he greets me in the same manner, even after a 3 minute trip to the mailbox. As fate would have it his racing name turned out to be Free and Happy. I thought how appropriate that was, he had been called Happy. Withiin a few weeks it was clear to me he had found his forever home here with me. He was big, and goofy and oh so sweet! And so he became dog number 3 in my household. He was not my first foster, but he was the first I kept. That is how he got his pet name, Kieper. He was a "keeper". But then they have all been keepers in my mind, that's how easy they are to love.

Scott arrived about a month later, also as a foster. I had a terrible cold and was not feeling well at all. He arrived in the evening and was also flown here from Florida. He was grumpy and so was I. He growled at the other dogs, not anything serious, just didn't like sharing the water bowl or having any of them too close to him. In his first hours he heard "No" more than once in response to his grumpiness. He had been with the Fl. group for several months, but had been overlooked by adopters. He was male, big and black, not what adopters in that area are looking for. He had 3 strikes against him in that market area. I thought he was the most beautiful greyhound I had ever seen! However, he was quite young, playful, energetic, extremely smart and lacking in manners. I soon realized his grumpiness was all talk, and he had a spirit that one could not resist. It was an innocence that I found myself wanting to protect. He resisted crating, which is unusual for a retired racer, not unheard of but unusual. There were more things that set him apart from all the others I had fostered, some I could not put my finger on. I kept thinking, "Why is he so different?". With some investigating I discovered that he had never raced, never recieved the typical racer's training. He was leash trained and house broken and that was all. That information explained everything. I loved him as he was for who he was, impish spirit especially. I could not bare the thought that someone else might view that spirit as intolerable. And so he became dog number 4 in my household. He is no longer grumpy, has learned some manners and I can't imagine life without him. His impish and innocent spirit flourishes.

Joanne P. w/Dakoda, Shelby, Kieper and Scott

A Tribute to Sage

Sage was my heart dog, my first greyhound. She was adopted on May 10, 1998, Mother's Day. It was love at first sight. She was a shy, 4 year old red brindle of Irish ancestory with a track name of Jay Jay's First. She was a bit of a spook and did not take well to things out of place or anything new. A toy left on the sidewalk, a broom or shovel on the deck, boots in the pathway or a flag flapping in the wind would stop her in her tracks. She loved going for walks, splashing in water, romping in leaves or chasing snowballs. However, she loved her couch best. With a flip of her tail and an occasional lift of her head she "guarded" her couch for 9 years, happy to let everyone come and go as they please. She was always a Lady, sharing with and tolerating numerous other canines and felines in her domain. She was so sweet and had such a silly grin with her tongue hanging out! ( As time went on she had lost most of her teeth, therefore her tongue wouldn't stay in her mouth.) She was brave and loyal and is very much missed. She passed to the Rainbow Bridge on February 26, 2007 at the age of 13.

Sage: January 5, 1994 - February 26, 2007

Greytly missed by Grammar, Tillie, Droo, Mariah, Keri, Midgie, Gabby and Mom Linda


My first grey Farrah, literally did come to me. It was a typical morning for me, I was getting ready for the day when my son told me that there was a dog running loose across the street. We do not see too many dogs running loose in my area, so I was curious to know if someones dog had gotten away on them. I looked out my window and saw the strangest looking dog I had ever seen before. I had never actually seen a greyhound before except on television, so it was strange to see this long lanky skinny dog running around. Curiosity got the best of me so I went outside and called to her. She stopped in her tracks, perked up her ears and ran straight to me with tongue hanging out, tail wagging and a big smile on her face. I caught the tag on her and called the number that was located on it. Well come to find out she had escaped from her foster mom. Fortunately her foster mom only lived one block down from me so I grabbed a dog leash that I had and walked her down to her home. I met up with her foster mom (who was very thankful) and she told me she was up for adoption. Well, I think that did if for me. I talked it over with my family and we decided to adopt her. The rescue did a home visit and she got along great with my other animals. She was a little skittish at first of the kids, not used to the running around and screaming but she has adapted nicely, the kids do not even bother her anymore, she loves them! I have had her for 2 years and she has been a great dog. She does have her moments like all animals do (she has a squirrel fettish) but I would not trade her for anything! She was meant to be with us for the remainder of her retirement.

The Tombolillos
Mark, Jennifer, Christian, Kenny, Bleu, Nikko, Jazz, Ted and finally Farrah!

Katie and Oliver

For two years our young daughters had begged us to have a dog. Without telling them we began to quietly research various breeds. One breed quickly rose to the top as meeting our objectives: calm and gentle disposition, social and loving, trainable, able to live in or out of city space, good with children, offer the possibility to rescue, and a dog that didn't demand that I vacuum daily. When we finally adopted our first greyhound, she met and far exceeded these hopes and expectations. When I called to let our rescue friends know that we would like a second they joked "what took you so long." In actuality it had been less than one year. Katie raced in Iowa. Katie (then 6) arrived with one caution, i.e, that she can be "bossy" with other dogs, but in foster care she had never exhibited this trait to human companions. Her former life was of a racer and after a brood mum. We watched very carefully for the "bossiness" potential because we had two small children. In short she has never shown this tendency to humans. She does hold herself to very high standards of obedience and when our numerous fosters have passed through our home she is the dog to show them the ropes and they all seem to respect her. She took to our children quickly, almost in a watchful way. Perhaps these characteristics demonstrate the motherly instinct in her. Wherever we go people remember Katie. She is loving, calm, sweet, quiet, wise, almost refined, never disobedient. Oliver was our second. Though different in temperament to Katie he is as enjoyable. Oliver raced in Florida and arrived when he was 4.Oliver is sweet and always exceedingly happy. His tail doesn't stop wagging. He is also very obedient but it has taken some training to teach him that he cannot jump when he is excited or run out the door to greet someone. However he trained quickly and easily. They both love having other greyhounds around, which allows us to foster other greyts. They still love to run and they do so daily, taking turns asking each other and often will pick up a stuffed toy and stand by the door asking to go outside and run with their "catch." Both love being near people and due to their sweet and obedient manners people who are in our home are immediately taken by them.

This is what our children have to say about them:

Our seven year old says:

"When Katie came to our family I was very happy. She is very sweet and loving. I first learned I was going to have a dog when I came home from school and saw her. I didn't know we were getting a dog. She had on a blue collar. It was very exciting. Her second week here she "asked" to sleep at the foot of my bed so that's where she sleeps. Katie loves tummy rubs and my favorite thing to do with her is to cuddle with her in the morning."

"Oliver is a sweet and loving dog too and very playful. For his daily walks he often asks to carry one of his stuffed animals and he does so for the entire walk. The first I knew about him was when we decided to foster him. I didn't know we were going to keep him. We took a family vote and everyone wanted to keep him so we did. We named him Oliver. He has very big muscles. I love playing with him and running with him in the yard."

Our four year old says:

"Katie is sweet. She is very gentle and loving. She sleeps in our bedroom and she plays in the yard with us. Oliver is very soft (he feels like a blanket) and also loving. I can walk both dogs even though they weigh 5 times my weight. Oliver used to pull a little and now he doesn't, not even for a rabbit."


During our home visit with Scott we fell in love with the idea of having a black greyhound. We knew that we couldn't pick the color but, oh. how beautiful Scott was. I fell in love with the idea of having a female, with two boys and a husband; I was starting to feel like the odd "man" out. It would be great to dress her up in pretty collars and coats. We had waited a few months for a grey and we were so excited when Joanne called to tell us our new arrival was here. HE was WHITE! It only took ten minutes of having him in our house, seeing him flop to the floor, roach with his feet up and tongue hanging out and we were in love. Ozzie has been a joy for us. Sweet, silly and loving. He has a very playful side and likes to keep himself busy while we're away. His "job" during the day is to carry the boys stuffed animals up and down the stairs individually, all 15 of them, and neatly arrange them on his bed. He has two favorites that he uses to prop his head up since he wasn't supplied with a pillow for his bed. We can't remember what life was like with out him. It really has been a life changing experience. We love to meet other greyhound owners and hear all the great rescue stories. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our next grey later this summer. This time I'm holding out for a girl!


Casey (aka Whytell's Favorite, now retired) came to me in September 2005. He hated the name Favorite which had been his call name and promptly told me his name. What a wonderful joy he is! Winnie, my beloved gordon setter accepted him right away and gently showed him how things were done in our house. She showed him that walks in the early mornings were best, weather didn't matter and all the other little things that go on during the day from where to nap to what time dinner is served. He has since carried on her legacy, showing the fosters we get from time to time the ropes of transitioning from track to home. It took him six months to fully make the transition into his new environment and each day just adds more pleasure. He enjoys playing outside for hours with his friend Lola. Together they teach other greyhounds that play is good. Out of all the things that he enjoys doing, he likes the car rides to the lake the best, right after chasing squirrels. Every outing with Casey becomes a one dog meet and greet. There isn't anything or anybody he doesn't like!

Janet H.


The first time we met Nine it was at a meet and greet in Oswego. There were sooo many people and other dogs, it was hectic and he was spooked. When he practically dragged my husband across the parking lot, we were leary. But Linda was patient and kind. She worked on leash walking with him over the next couple of days and he was an excellent student. We adopted him and have been thrilled ever since. He is so sweet and loving. He charms every person and dog he meets and his tail never stops wagging. One of his favorite things to do is sleep on our son.s Elmo couch and of course he LOVES to eat! He races through the back yard with graceful abandon and seems to be saying . thanks mom and dad for fencing in the back yard! Oh and his most favorite thing of all is riding in the car!! We are even considering adopting a buddy for Nine!

Our son, Cole, says "Nine is very silly. He gets very excited when someone rings the doorbell! He sleeps a lot and I like to play hide and seek with him and I tag him on his big giant nose. Nine loves me and I love him!"

The Dack Family (Jeff, Melissa, Cole and Nine)


HHGR says " Thank you all for coming out to our Petco M&G, we got 2 applications for adoption and it's where foster dog Rodney got to meet his new mom!"

2 weeks later.....

"Congrats to Jake aka Rodney/Ramrod on finding his forever home!"

Ro says:

Just would like you all to know that it was my first Meet and Greet and I am soooooooo glad I went! My "heart dog", Buddy, died of cancer in September '09, I cried everyday and wondered if I could ever love another. I had promised my Buddy that I would help one of his friends some day. Well that day came for me...

I had inquired about adopting another greyhound from same group that I had adopted Buddy from, but they never got a back to me. So I did some searching and Harbor Hounds with Joanne's name just stuck out, for some reason which I will never know...I am leaving that to KARMA. I saw Rodney on the website but kind of passed over it. I called the number listed for Joanne and left a message. She returned my call that very day and we had a long talk. I wanted a female, any color but black, because Buddy was a black male. Joanne suggested we come to their upcoming M&G. 'Are you sure you wouldn't like a big white boy? Rodney here is a sweetie!' she said. In the mean time I filled out an application. I saw Rodney at the M&G and spent alittle time with him. I bent down to greet him and he kissed me, just like Buddy use to do. My partner and I went in the car and talked then came right back in to let her know we wanted to adopt him.

He was brought over for a home visit, I have a silky terrier and two cats, normally my terrier barks at other dogs, however, when Rodney came over he was calm never barked. Rodney ran around the back yard like he belonged there.

Well its only been a week that we have had "JAKE" and he is doing great, we go for walks at night, he has learned to fly up and down the stairs, he loves his new bed with his name on it. He also will now lay down in the truck when riding on his other new bed. He loves to play ball when I get home in the back yard. He loves to do his laps in the back yard then runs in the house to grab his rabbit stuff animal that our friends bought him. When he does that, I clap and tell him he WON THE RACE! In 4 days, he has learned to sit when I hold up his treats. I don't even have to say the word sit anymore. He is just awesome and has a lot of Buddy's traits. I do believe, he was waiting till I was ready to be adopted. Jake was meant to be with us. My two cats and silky are fine with him. Within one night its like he's always lived here. I believe Buddy sent Jake to us. We love him...... thanks Joanne for answering me so quickly, we both wouldn't be so happy if it wasn't for your quick response...

THANK YOU!!! from JAKE (aka Rodney)and us!

Ro & Cheryl

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