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A law passed during the reign of King Canute stated "No mean person may keep any Greyhounds." The law also stated that the destruction of a Greyhound should carry the same capital punishment as the murder of a man.

Adoption Application

Pet ownership is a serious responsibility. It is our policy to assure that each person who adopts a greyhound not only be aware of the responsibility, but that each person will be capable of and willing to accept that responsibility morally, physically, and financially. The following questionnaire has been designed to aid both you and Harbor Hounds in deciding if you and/or your family are prepared for greyhound adoption and to help in choosing the right dog for you.

Full Name
Home Address
    Home Phone
Email Address
    Work Phone
    Work Phone
How did you learn about us?
Please list all current pets.
    Where do they sleep?
    Are they sterilized?
Did you ever return or give away a pet?
Number of adults in your household:
Number of children in your household:
Do you have a fenced yard?
If your yard is not fenced is there a fenced area nearby where you can regularly exercise your greyhound?
Who will be responsible for the care and training of your new greyhound?
Are you willing and able to leash walk your greyhound for necessary functions at least 4 times a day?
Are you aware of the importance of keeping your greyhound on a leash?
  • You can't ever put your greyhound on a chain run or tied in any way. It could literally break its neck.
  • Greyhounds MUST live inside the home. They CANNOT adequately be kept in an outdoor kennel or dog house.
  • You can never let your greyhound loose unless in a securely fenced area.
Do you agree to keep your new pet inside the house?
Do you travel much?
    If so who would take care of your greyhound?
Approximately how many hours a day would your greyhound be left home alone?
Describe the area in which you live:
    Do you live in a:
    Do you rent or lease?
If you rent or lease do you have permission of your landlord to have a dog?
    Landlord's name
    Landlord's Phone
What is the best time of day to reach you by telephone?
Is your household quiet or busy?
Are you willing to keep a collar with a tag bearing your name address and phone number on your greyhound at all times?
If for any reason you are unable to keep your greyhound will you agree to return your greyhound to Harbor Hounds?
Are you willing to accept immediate and full responsibility for the ownership of your greyhound including all health care costs and responsibilities of owning a pet?
Greyhounds live 12 to 15 years. Can you commit to caring for them for this period of time?
Do you agree to give your pet Heart Worm preventive?
If necessary are you willing to purchase and use a crate?
What type of personality/temperament do you think would best match your household and lifestyle?
Vet Info
Current Veterinarian
Personal Reference One
Full Name
Personal Reference Two
Full Name
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