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Both Chaucer and Shakespeare immortalized greyhounds in literature. Frederick the Great of Prussia asked in his will to be buried with his beloved greyhounds. The graves remain to this day.

Adoption Information

Greyhounds are sighthounds, they have been bred for centuries to chase/hunt moving objects. They can spot a moving object (anything from a leaf to an animal) up to a mile away. Their instinct is to give chase. They can go from 0 to 45mph in less than 15 seconds or 3 strides. They would typically give chase until they caught the object, lost sight of it, got hit by a car/otherwise hurt themselves or became exhausted.

At that point they could be miles away from where they started. While in chase mode they will see, hear, smell and respond to NOTHING but what they are chasing. Once they stop, they will have no idea where they are or how they got there. It is not like a beagle that sniffed his way following some trail, and would most likely sniff his way back.

Your greyhound most likely will not know HOW to get back to you. IF he had been "tied up" when he gave chase he would most likely come to an abrupt stop breaking his neck. Even if he doesn't give chase to anything while tied, he is an adult dog who has NEVER been tied up before and can injure his spindly legs were he to be come tangled and panic.

No one can 100% train a bloodhound NOT to follow a scent trail, given the chance. No one can 100% train a border collie NOT to herd, given the chance. No one can 100 % train a greyhound NOT to chase/run, given the chance.

Adoption Questions To Ask Yourself

Do you have a hard time imagining owning a dog that can NEVER be turned loose except in a securely fenced area?
Have trouble imagining owning a dog that you can NEVER tie up (using a rope, chaina, or cable attached to any stationary spot or object, including a cabled "run")?
Are you unable to make a 10+ year commitment?
Are you looking for a dog that will spend most of his time outside?

If you answered yes to any of these questions a greyhound might not be a good dog for you.

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